Novomatic electronic multiplayer table games add new dimensions of fun, flexibility and future proofing to every casino floor.

Powered by NovoLine™ Novo Unity™ II, Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette (semi automated), Novo Multi-Roulette™ (automatic mechanical wheel) and Novo Flying Roulette™ (virtual version) offer fast-paced Roulette action and excitement on connected player terminals in a secure single system environment.

Make Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette, Novo Multi-Roulette™ and Novo Flying Roulette™ part of your NovoLine™ multi-game selection and give your players the freedom to choose Roulette, Baccarat, Black Jack, Keno and Sic Bo without moving from their favourite seat.

Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette, Novo Multi-Roulette™ and Novo Flying Roulette™ options:

Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette:

  • Connect all terminals to a single dealer operated live Roulette table
  • The Novo Dealer Board increases game speed and minimizes Errors
  • Different styles selectable
  • Race Track betting Screen
  • Multi-table selection at your fingertips


The LOTUS ROULETTE™ PRO is an automated six player Roulette island in combination with an HD video slots offering – all in one elegant table. The games are presented to guests in a highly attractive automated 6-player island configuration, consisting of individual player stations and one automatic Roulette wheel embedded in a magnificent veneered table. Each player station is equipped with a 23.8” full HD touchscreen monitor that can be individually tilted as well as with automated cash handling.