Novomatic electronic multiplayer table games add new dimensions of fun, flexibility and future proofing to every casino floor.

Powered by NovoLine™ Novo Unity™ II, Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette (semi automated), Novo Multi-Roulette™ (automatic mechanical wheel) and Novo Flying Roulette™ (virtual version) offer fast-paced Roulette action and excitement on connected player terminals in a secure single system environment.

Make Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette, Novo Multi-Roulette™ and Novo Flying Roulette™ part of your NovoLine™ multi-game selection and give your players the freedom to choose Roulette, Baccarat, Black Jack, Keno and Sic Bo without moving from their favourite seat.

Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette, Novo Multi-Roulette™ and Novo Flying Roulette™ options:

Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette:

  • Connect all terminals to a single dealer operated live Roulette table
  • The Novo Dealer Board increases game speed and minimizes Errors
  • Different styles selectable
  • Race Track betting Screen
  • Multi-table selection at your fingertips


Spread-Bet Roulette transparently generates a bonus number from 0-72, enabling high payouts at an increased house edge. Two concentric roulette number rings appear on the Roulette wheel display, spinning in opposing directions. Bets are placed on variable numerical ranges (spreads) with correlating odds that are displayed on the Roulette layout. The bet is won if the sum of the winning number of the Roulette wheel plus the additional ramdomly generated number (0-36) on the second ring falls within this spread.



Lucky Lady’s™ Roulette is an exciting new version of the Roulette game, where the Lucky Lady adds a little touch of extra Charm. Players place their bets as normal on the layout with the same odds as a traditional Roulette game on all outside bets and splits, the exception being that straight number bets pay-out at 30 for 1. In each game, after betting is closed and while the Roulette ball is still spinning, the Lucky Lady picks 1-4 random LUCKY LADY BONUS NUMBERS (from 0-36), with bonus multipliers totalling 210x stake for straight numbers, displayed on magic spheres.